Monday, 22 December 2008

Java Programming

During the holidays I decided to do something useful to consume time. After sifting through the many possibilities I hit upon Java Programming. I decided to learn this powerful programming language and I am happy to say that I have succeeded in mastering the basics and grazing the surface on the advanced concepts.

Java for those who do not know in an object oriented programmiong language. It deals with classes, sreating methods for these classes and compiling the same into a useful progarm. Java was developed ny Sun Microsystems Inc. (Sun stands for Stanford University Network by the way). Its most useful charectiristic is its WORA capability(WORA - Write Once Run Anywhere).

I would encourage all who are interested in comuters and have not learned Java yet to do so as it is something which is be extremely useful in developing your own programs. It is ver easy to learn. I just used one book and a time period of two weeks to create moderately complex programs in Java. For an overview on Java visit the website .
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