Monday, 12 January 2009

Time Travel

There is a long lasting debate on the subject of time travel. Is it possible? The truth is, no one is very sure. The most common arguement against it is the principle of mass and time dilation. According to Einsteins well known Theory of Relativity as an object approches the speed of light, in addition to its relative time get slower, its mass tends towards infinity. It is represented by the equation M = m/((1-(v^2)/(c^2)))^0.5, where v is the speed of the object(m/s), c is the speed of light(299792458 m/s), m is the rest mass of the object and M is the imcreased mass of the object.

It is obvoius from the equation that as the speed of the object approaches c M tends to m/0 which is infinite. However this is not the only way to warp space and time as some Physicists have discovered. Einsteind said that space and time are closely related. It is something like a fabric in fact closely interwoven. So if in any way we are able to bend or warp space we would also be creating a loop which could lead to the past or the future. A Physicist called Ronald Mallett is investigating the possibility of warping sapce-time withe the help of high energy lasers. He hopes to experiment on subatomic particles with very little lifespans. If the time machine works it could manifest itself in the lengthening of the lifespan of the particle by beaming the particle into the future.

The possiblities of time travel may be just beyond our reach.............

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