Saturday, 14 March 2009

I Repeat:

Recently a few students (Who are NOT from my class) expressed their surprise at my apparent lack of friends. Most of the students in the school have their own circle of friends and during recess; they divide themselves up into their ‘clicks.’ It seems to be the most popular way of socializing. These people asked me why I don’t have any friends yet as I usually walk around the school campus, do my Prefect’s duties and go to the library alone. They seemed to be even more surprised at the fact that it has been two years since I came to the school. Usually a new student takes no more than a few days to worm their way into one of these ‘clicks’. 

I have answered this question once, but I shall do so again for the benefit of certain people.

Everyone has a unique identity. If a person has a lot of friends, he needs to have the kind of personality that can please people with different personalities. These are the people with the so-called “Golden Formula” for friendship. But these kind of people are very rare because as we know, nature is very sparing with her gifts. Most of the people who have large circles of friends change their personality to make friends. I have seen people so desperate to make friends that they always hang around others like puppies on a leash trying to pick up a few pointers. Once they find out what kind of personality appeals to the general crowd, they put on a disguise complete with a mask. They channel their personalities through layers of mental filters only bringing out what is needed to ‘fit in’ and sometimes adding to their behaviour to get what they want.  

Dear readers, don’t you think that this is ridiculous? I’d prefer solitude to living under an eternal shroud for the sake of human companionship. You are blocking your true nature for the sake of socializing. To some people this may seem like nothing as I have heard people who claim “I thrive on socializing.” What these people have to remember is that the friends whom you gain through this behaviour ‘reformatting’ are definitely NOT true friends. They are in love with your clothes (figuratively speaking) and not your character. They don’t like you for what you really are. The moment you show your true colours, they are ready to sever all ties they had with you because there will be others waiting to replace you. Others who can wear their shroud and display social behaviour better than you can. Do you really need friends like those? And do you know how insulting it is for those friends of yours who really do respect you for who you are? Your real friends?

I on the other hand, am not interested in masquerading under a false identity. I want to preserve my original nature as far as possible. I only need friends who respect me for what I really am. They are people who I can call real friends (Namely: ECYL, LKS, LHZ and SSK). 

I know I have explained this before but I do so again, just to show you all how strongly I feel about this. Thank you all for reading.

Note: I hope this post was read by those people who asked me this question.

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