Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Poem I wrote in 2008

Below is a poem I wrote in 2008. I had just turned fourteen; hence the rather childish structure. But I found it an interesting insight into a very important stage of my life.

Somehow the title of the poem reminds me of the saying "Empty vessels make the most noise."

The Empty Vessel

Behold the empty vessel in the Atlantic,
Sailing Westwards,
To find the Land of the Spices,
Which was in the East.

The empty vessel carried by the waves,
Going West instead of East,
To find the land in the East,
The Land of Spices.

"Land ahead!" they shout,
"I see the Land of Spices,
The land of riches where,
There are temples paved with gold."

"Weigh the anchor!!"they shout,
and weigh the anchor they did,
And on their little boats they all went ashore,
Ashore in the land of the West.

The land of the west where,
They found all but spices and riches,
The land of the West where,
They found nothing but tepees.

Oh Christopher! Oh Christopher!
Oh great Christopher Columbus!
Tell me why you went West,
Looking for the East.
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