Saturday, 25 December 2010

Another Christmas Has Come and Just Gone

It's Christmas again! It's not exactly a festival I celebrate.Nowadays all festivals are characterized by holiday promotions and discounts on the price of clothes.

As do all holidays Christmas too has an interesting (By interesting I just mean that the story is not known by many people. History is never interesting (Hint: It's always boring.)) long winded and convoluted back story that describes how it evolved. It's a thrilling tale; starting with some pagan festival that was celebrated on the Winter Solstice which fell on 25 December in the Julian Calendar (We now use the Gregorian Calendar). There are interesting side-stories that describes how traditions evolved (For example the tradition of bringing home Christmas Trees was adapted from the Roman Festival of Saturnalia). But apart from this half-hearted and rather sketchy account I will not bother to recount the story in its entirety.

On a more interesting note Google apparently wanted to end the year with a huge, big bang. They have certainly outdone themselves with their latest doodle which, according to news reports took a team of five 250 hours to create. It's quite impressive and interactive. You should go check it out. It's only going up on display till 25 December. I f you miss it, don't worry you can still view it here
However, impressive as it may be,  my personal favorite is still the Scooby Doo Doodle (Or should I say Scooby Doodle!).

Here's doodle in all it's glory.

Amidst all this festive cheer there is a small part of me that is slightly alarmed. The Christmas of 2009 it seems, happened just days ago. Where did the year go? Time seems to be galloping by at breakneck speed. Yet another Christmas has inevitably come and just as inevitably, gone.
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