Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Very Ubiquitous Emoticon

In this post I shall talk about a very ubiquitous emoticon. It is an emoticon that is casually added to the end of sentences to announce amusement. Sometimes it appears to stand alone powerful enough to play the role of a reply to a question. I am of course talking about the famous "XD"

The Urban dictionary gives the following definitions.
XD :
1. A phrase which genrally expresses the randomness, hilarity, embarrasment, etc. Often used in chatrooms of various kinds.

PERSON 1: Two hamburgers walked into a bar and the barman said, 'Sorry, we don't serve food.'

A: We squashed oranges in the canteen at lunch.

2.An text-smilie with a usage somewhere between 'lol' and ':D'. Visually similar to the clenched eyes of South Park characters.
"Hey, wanna cyber???"


3. A symbol with X being the eyes and D being the mouth, to make a seeming of the person having squinched eyes and a mouth wide open laughing. This is usually used to replace rofl, as the X for eyes indicates that they are laughing so hard they may have fallen off their chair. Usually used in mmorpgs and chat lines.

Example 1:
Person 1: Hah i hacked some n00b's account then went and spammed lots of people and got it reported!!1!

Person 2: Omg XD haha he must be so pissed!
And finally, the most hilarious definition of all:
1. An internet expression that will hopefully replace LOL as the laughing symbol.

2. An internet expression that gets annoying if overused.
1. (the right way to use it)
Person 1: *tells a dumb joke*
Person 2: You try so hard that's it's funny. XD

2. (the wrong way to use it)
Person 1: I walked my dog ealier.
Person 2: XD
Person 1: Then I fed the cat
Person 2: XD
Person 2: XD
Person 1: Die.
Person 2: XD
A very fitting definition I think. XD!
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