Thursday, 12 July 2012

Spotted a Death Note Reference in Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

One thing I've noticed is that HPMoR is full of geeky references to famous movies/books/anime that people like me are interested in. It's of the pleasures of reading the book after you've been exposed to the geek culture for a long time. Those references pop out of the page and make the experience of reading a book quite enjoyable. For example look at this little section from chapter 24. There is a spoiler below but I've managed to copy it so that it reveals as little of the plot line as possible.


Father had once taken him to see a play called The Tragedy of Light, about this incredibly clever Slytherin named Light who'd set out to purify the world of evil using an ancient ring that could kill anyone whose name and face he knew, and who'd been opposed by another incredibly clever Slytherin, a villain named Lawliet, who'd worn a disguise to conceal his true face; and Draco had shouted and cheered at all the right parts, especially in the middle; and then the play had ended sadly and Draco had been hugely disappointed and Father had gently pointed out that the word 'Tragedy' was right there in the title.
Afterward, Father had asked Draco if he understood why they had gone to see this play.
Draco had said it was to teach him to be as cunning as Light and Lawliet when he grew up.

I couldn't believe it at first! It's actually a Death Note reference! If you haven't seen this particular anime series before, I highly recommend it. It belongs to that class of "intellectual" anime like "Detective School Q" (Which is also awesome by the way) that really stimulates the brain.  
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