Sunday, 14 September 2014

Quality of YouTube Comments

So it's common knowledge by now that if you want to see the most mind numbing, narrow minded side of humanity all you need to do is visit the comments section on an even slightly controversial YouTube video.

However, I've noticed that the comments are not so bad at the start. I subscribe to a lot of popular channels on YouTube. That means I sometimes get to see the videos as soon as they're out. I've noticed that the comments are usually really nice and supportive at the start. But as the video gets more and more popular the racist/sexist/homophobic/narrow minded comments start pouring in. It's probably because at the start, most of the people who see the video are those who subscribed to the channel. And these will be people who actually like the person who makes the videos and appreciates them for putting in effort to make good content. Once the video percolates through to the general public however, mean people start spamming the section with comments. 

It's actually kind of sad to see the comment section slowly become filled with hateful negative comments and overwhelm the nice ones.