Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Poem I wrote in 2008

Below is a poem I wrote in 2008. I had just turned fourteen; hence the rather childish structure. But I found it an interesting insight into a very important stage of my life.

Somehow the title of the poem reminds me of the saying "Empty vessels make the most noise."

The Empty Vessel

Behold the empty vessel in the Atlantic,
Sailing Westwards,
To find the Land of the Spices,
Which was in the East.

The empty vessel carried by the waves,
Going West instead of East,
To find the land in the East,
The Land of Spices.

"Land ahead!" they shout,
"I see the Land of Spices,
The land of riches where,
There are temples paved with gold."

"Weigh the anchor!!"they shout,
and weigh the anchor they did,
And on their little boats they all went ashore,
Ashore in the land of the West.

The land of the west where,
They found all but spices and riches,
The land of the West where,
They found nothing but tepees.

Oh Christopher! Oh Christopher!
Oh great Christopher Columbus!
Tell me why you went West,
Looking for the East.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

And God said...

and all was light!*

*For the sake of clarity the equations above are the four of the most famous and important equations in all of Physics. They describe how the electric and magnetic fields relate to their sources,charge density and current density. As we all know, light is made up of oscillating electric and magnetic fields and these equations dictate how these fields work. So they did shed light on the world both literally and metaphorically. Get it?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Why I am Incompatible with Violent Movies

No occasion is more unique and singular than discovering something about yourself that was previously unknown.

I have never been a fan of violent movies but I was always under the impression that I could watch one if I wanted. I have now discovered that this impression was nothing more than a delusion. I usually read some novel when I have my dinner. But a few nights ago I was unable to find anything good. I decided to watch television with the rest of my family for a while. They were watching a Tamil movie and I reveal for those who are unfamiliar that violence constitutes a substantial percentage of every Tamil movie's storyline. At the time the movie was going through a particularly violent phase. As I watched my heart rate started to go up. Within a minute my cardiac tissue was practically flinging itself violently at the inner side of my unfortunate thoracic cavity. With my heart rate rose a compulsion to avert my eyes. I was quite literally struggling with myself. It was as though a separate mind was in my brain trying to turn my head in the other direction. Eventually my compulsion won.

I was quite mystified. Why would a movie which is quite obviously a unrealistic portrayal of imaginary events provoke a reaction of such inflated magnitude? I decided to confirm that the reaction was indeed part of me and not due to the conditions of that evening alone. Perhaps, I reasoned, it was an occasion on which I was unusually susceptible to stimulus. For a cause to be assigned to an event I have to remove all the variables from the experiment to ensure that the cause which I wish to investigate is the only thing affecting the experiment. So, on a day on which I was sure I was completely clear minded I grabbed my opportunity during lunch when the final section of the movie "The Incredible Hulk" was showing. First I established my resting heart rate which turned out to be 62 beats per minute. I started watching this rather unsettling scuffle between two giant green monsters (That was perhaps the understatement of the year.). I got the same reaction. My heart rate actually went up to 130 beats per minute!!

I remember I wasn't always like this. There was a time when I was younger perhaps at the age of ten or eleven when I used to watch violent movies without flinching. That was before I fell in love with mathematics (when I was thirteen). Now at 16 years and 6 moths I think the years I spent looking at harmless equations (Some people call equations vicious! Imagine that!) has mellowed me. Perhaps that is the reason that over the years, I have developed a curious affinity for Walt Disney films or films very like it. I watch movies like "Bolt", "The Wild", "The Chronicles of Narnia", "The Incredibles", "Johnny English", "Mr. Bean" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". And, on giving the matter some thought I realized that I was really glad of this development. I may be called a weakling by some but I am extremely proud of the fact that I find violence even in imaginary situations quite repulsive and revolting. I feel happy when I realize that I have become a better person, a more complete person. I feel a sense of satisfaction when I know that I will always be an advocate for peace.

One thing's for sure. I'll never watch violent movies again.

Friday, 3 September 2010

IGCSE Results are out

The IGCSE provsional results are out and I finally have some time to blog about it. Before I reveal what I got I will remind everyone which subjects I took. I was examined in nine subjects. They are: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, ICT(Information and Communication Technology), Economics, First Language English and Foreign Language Malay (Core Syllabus).
And here are my results:
Physics                         - A*
Chemistry                     - A*
Biology                         - A*
Mathematics                 - A*
Additional Mathematics - A*
ICT                               - A*
Economics                     - A*
First Language English    - A*
Foreign Language Malay - C

I am not in the least disappointed with the C I got for Malay. I took the core Syllabus for Malay. If you take the core syllabus for any subject the maximum grade you can get is a C. So I got the maximum possible grade for all my subjects.