Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A Delightful Little Problem

Here is a tricky little puzzle:

Two trains are speeding towards each other on the same track both at a speed of 50 km/hr. At the instant they are 100 km apart Bumble Bee starts flying from the windscreen of the first train to the second train at a speed of 75 km/hr. When it reaches the windscreen of the second train it bounces back at the same speed to the other train. It continues repeating this cycle indefinitely. Determine the total. distance traveled by Bumble Bee until the instant it experiences an untimely death due to the catastrophic head on collision between these trains.

It shouldn't take more than five minutes and requires only a basic understanding of mathematics and a bit of logical reasoning. I invite the readers to try to solve this puzzle and post your solutions in the comments below.(A word of advice: Make sure YOU do the problem and please try to do yourself justice by abstaining from searching for a solution online.) I will be posting a solution to this problem in one of the following posts.
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