Friday, 3 September 2010

IGCSE Results are out

The IGCSE provsional results are out and I finally have some time to blog about it. Before I reveal what I got I will remind everyone which subjects I took. I was examined in nine subjects. They are: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, ICT(Information and Communication Technology), Economics, First Language English and Foreign Language Malay (Core Syllabus).
And here are my results:
Physics                         - A*
Chemistry                     - A*
Biology                         - A*
Mathematics                 - A*
Additional Mathematics - A*
ICT                               - A*
Economics                     - A*
First Language English    - A*
Foreign Language Malay - C

I am not in the least disappointed with the C I got for Malay. I took the core Syllabus for Malay. If you take the core syllabus for any subject the maximum grade you can get is a C. So I got the maximum possible grade for all my subjects.
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