Monday, 16 July 2012

The Chaos Walking Trilogy

Here is what I said about fiction from a previous post:

"Another mark of a good story is how it draws you in. Many books (like Eragon and Harry Potter) talk about worlds in which, deep inside, everyone wishes to live in. Reading them makes me want to live the book so badly that sometimes I can't help laying awake at night thinking of all the cool, amazing things I would do if I were in the place of the protagonist."
No book I've ever read so far does this more perfectly than the Chaos Walking Trilogy.

I read the three books in this trilogy with a level of concentration that had eluded me for over a year. I've never come across a book with such endearingly real characters and such a realistic and deeply moving plot. The author manages to keep the plot complex and events unexpected without the use of unbelievable coincidences. I also found the whole concept of Noise and how the plot revolves around it incredibly original and creative. It's original enough that for the first time in many years I found it impossible predict the plot. A very worthwhile and enjoyable read.

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