Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pokemon and The Sagrada Família

When I watched the movie "Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai", I noticed that the town in which Ash finds himself had absolutely gorgeous buildings. It's remarkable that I even noticed that since I'm not really a person who knows or appreciates architectural art. It struck me that the buildings must have been really well designed if they beautiful enough to make someone like me sit up and take notice. I particularly fell in love with the huge Space-Time towers. Something about the shape of the building really caught my eye. I remember thinking to myself, "Wow... That building looks awesome.."

Two views of the Space-Time Towers

Out of interest I went through the movie's Wikipedia page to find out what inspired the Creators of the movie to make the building. I discovered that the town in the movie, Alamos Town was based on the Barcelona, Spain and the Space-time towers were inspired by this beautiful building called the The Sagrada Família designed by an architect called Antonio Gaudi.

 I think this building looks breathtakingly beautiful. Usually appreciation of of a particular form of art is a learned taste. But sometimes an artist creates a masterpiece that is so good that it transcends these borders and appeals even to even the complete novice. If I think this building looks so good, I can only imagine how awestruck those people who really learn architecture must be.

Another amazing thing that i learned is that this building is still under construction! Work on the building began in 1882 and is still going on. That means the building has been under construction for over 130 years! And it's only expected to be completed by 2028! That is one long construction project. What I find remarkable is that even in it's incomplete, half finished state it looks so beautiful.

Even the inside of the building looks fantastic.

Detail of the roof in the nave. Gaudi designed the columns to mirror trees and branches.

Antonio Gaudi must have been a real genius.


KS said...

Hello, how're things going?

I've actually been to the Sagrada Familia about 5-6 years ago. As nice as it is from the outside, its really not as nice in the inside as the photos show as most of the cathedral is cordoned off for renovation and construction works. I have no doubt that when it is FINALLY finished, it'll be a sight to behold from within.

rational_ash said...

O.o I only saw this comment three months after it was posted. I really should check the comments section more often. Things are going great!

I'm not sure that building will be finished in my lifetime... It's been under construction for so long...