Friday, 4 July 2014

Completed Task 1!

I've completed task 1 of the Eudyptula Challenge! I know that's not really something to be excited about since it was a very basic task but I'm still excited! I've got a mail with details of task 2. This is getting more interesting.

I've read online that most people are getting stuck with task 6. I wonder what that task is. Hmmm...

I think starting this challenge was a brilliant idea. I'm learning way more than in any of the classes I've ever taken. Learning through solving a set of incrementally difficult practical challenge is the best thing ever!

The task recommends that I try out all the code with a regular system and not a virtual machine but I think I'm a bit too inexperienced to work with my regular laptop. If I somehow mess up the kernel and brick my laptop It's a huge loss. I can't afford to be without my laptop for extended periods of time at the moment. So after weighing the risks I think I'll just stick to running Ubuntu 14.04 in virtualbox.

Vritualbox is actually really handy when it comes to stuff like this. I even used that system to test out and become used to the i3 window manager before installing it on my main system. If anyone is thinking of trying out a new window manager it might be a good idea to use it in a virtual machine and tweaking all the config files in that before transferring it to your actual system.

So on to task 2!
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