Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I have a new website!

So it's summer holidays again! This time I'm spending my holiday as a research intern at NUS in Singapore. I love the labs here! They're absolutely amazing. I got an opportunity to see one of those huge KUKA robotic arms up close. Me and my friends are working on a four legged robot that uses a lot of compliance and underactuation. It's been quite a fun experience. Singapore is a really nice place. I had a little bit of trouble adjusting initially because the rooms we were staying in were quite small. Then I realized that that's a consequence of living in a big congested city like Singapore. Real estate is expensive and cheap accommodation will be small in size.

Moving on, I've been thinking of setting up a website for myself for quite some time. But I never had a big enough block of free time to set it up. So I finally decided to do it during these holidays. It took me almost a week to tweak it to my satisfaction and even then there's a lot of room for improvement. But I think it's finally time to release my website to the internet! It's live at www.ashwinnarayan.com! I've documented a lot of the projects that I've done over the last few years there.

I'm having a little bit of trouble deciding what to do with my Blogger blog. My new website has a blog and I've already imported most of the posts to it. I'm slowly publishing the older posts after fixing some formatting issues. But I'm not sure that I want to leave this blog either. I've been writing in here for years and years. I think I'll keep both the blogs alive and post in both of them. Maybe I will use the blog on my website to post exclusively about technical stuff. Or maybe I'll post on both blogs in parallel for a while.

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