Saturday, 18 July 2015

Why Self-Driving Cars are the Future of Personal Transport

So Google's self driving cars are getting really good at self driving. A lot of people I know are skeptical about self driving cars. Some say that they will never use them because they just love to drive. I think that once self driving cars are actually on the road, they won't have a choice.

From everything the the testing of the self driving cars have shown so far, they seem to be much safer than human drivers. They don't get tired and they never break the rules. Human drivers on the other hand, cause millions of deaths every year due to carelessness and driving while sleepy, drunk or under the influence of drugs. Even if self driving cars only cut down the number of car accidents by half we have a moral obligation to switch over. By making the choice to continue driving manually we are making the choice for millions of deaths to continue happening every year.

I think that sometime in the distant future people will talk with horror about the time that people were allowed to drive their own cars. Just like we now talk with horror about the horrifying state of medical practices before we knew about germs and how exactly the human body worked.

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