Monday, 3 January 2011

School Starts Again

School has reopened and the usual truckload of work joyfully  resumes it's consistent daily drive into my 'to do' list. Consequently, quality sleep continues to elude me.

With the exams looming ominously like a charged thundercloud, it's time to begin a hectic revision. Four months seems to undergo some quirky relativistic length contraction but time dilation, which is supposed to slow down time, seems to be acting in reverse. I might not get an opportunity to update my blog as often as I have been for the past month.

The new batch of A-Level students have arrived and we are now undertaking the infinitely boring task of 'orientation'. I fail to understand how some people are able to enjoy meeting new people so much. Personally, I find that it takes a Herculean effort to keep track of the names of so many people. After a day of pointless introductions I find myself mentally exhausted. It is for this reason perhaps, that I don't remember having made more that 10 friends in my entire life. (I think ten is a gross overstatement but I think it's a safe estimate and a nice round number.) Relativity comes into effect here too I suppose. Once you realize how deep and meaningful the questions posed by Science are, once the wonder and mystery of the Universe ensnares the senses and captures your imagination, you start to realize how meaningless it is to worry about something as mundane as what shirt you're going to wear tomorrow. The problem is that people are too engrossed in the synthetic world we have created around us which sweeps us away with an avalanche of simplistic pleasures such as shopping, films, promotions and the like. So engrossed that they almost never get the time to ponder on the deep mysteries of the universe.

They are those to whom the emotion of experiencing the mysterious is a stranger. The do not pause to wonder or stand rapt in awe. Their eyes are truly closed.

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